Monday, December 7, 2009


Label making is no easy task. More, however, goes into label making than just content. Color of the text discussed, size of the letters debated, length of the message questioned…and finally the type of font to be decided upon. There are millions of fonts out there; each with their own personalities and psychological aspects to consider. Is this change in font distracting?? I’m sure it is...That’s why font is exciting, interesting and important to consider when designing an exhibition…Here are some examples…

Why here is Cooper Black…somewhat silly and loud. Or here is Brush Script M7 fluid but difficult to read. American Typewriter is clear and concise. Font can change how we read documents. So, the curatorial team has been carefully considering how font looks up close, far away, and how it reads as a whole document.

SO here is our question to you…

Do you think text has an important impact on exhibition design?

Or perhaps more importantly…What’s your favorite font??

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WELCOME TO WHAT LIES BENEATH: A Student Designed Exhibition.

Hello! We are students from St. Mary's College of Maryland who are exploring the unknown of our college's art collection. Our main goal in this adventure is to unite the St. Mary's county community in the process of uncovering and discovering all the potential that art has to offer! Here on our blog you can have a behind-the-scenes look at our curatorial process!

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Mission Statement

We, the students of St. Mary's College of Maryland, are developing an exhibition in the Boyden Gallery featuring our choices of art from the SMCM collection while revealing our curatorial process. By showing our process, we are encouraging both the college community and the St. Mary's County community to learn about our personal experiences with the collecton in order to stimulate a dialogue between the community and the collection.